Presentation Design & Visual Storytelling

A selection of work from 15+ years of presentation design for companies including Starbucks, Microsoft, Real Networks, Expedia and many others.

Selected slide from CEO deck at Starbucks Annual Shareholder Meeting

Various slides from the 2016 Annual Member’s Conference of the International Parking Institute. Hundreds of slides were created to seamlessly merge branding and messaging with speaker’s content.

Slide from awards ceremony at annual event for the International Parking Institute

Microsoft Windows workshops on Holland America cruises – a selection from hundreds of slides rigorously reduced to only the essentials and designed to look unlike any typical PowerPoint slides to appeal to a targeted market segment.

Putting visual power and branding into standard content

Demonstration of ability to visually display data accurately and engagingly. The chart was built entirely in PowerPoint, using only those tools.

Visual transformation of a boring bullet slide. Note the incorporation of brand colors.

Overview of investor presentation for a game developer. Look and feel reflects video games while maintaining a sense of solid fiscal reliability.

Slide from a high-stakes Expedia presentation created in a single weekend that was key to winning a valuable business relationship

Slide that uses a carefully selected visual to engage viewers

Pictorial concept for a major medical vendor

Slide I made and delivered in a boardroom meeting to senior leadership about a project I managed

A dramatic visual slide from the overview PPT of Seattle BioMed

Slide from a science-based investor presentation

A print piece created in PowerPoint for a keynote

Selected slide for HerCorner CEO keynote

Partial overview of slides for HerCorner CEO’s keynote conference presentation. I helped shape the content as well as designed the slides to match the customer’s visual identity. Note the minimalism in the slides, designed to compliment a live presentation, which came off very well and resulted in more invitations to speak.

This visual explanation of my presentation design philosophy shows the many skills and objectives necessary for good presentation design.